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Church-wide Ministries

Discipleship Training

Leaders: Jerry & Margaret Suhr

Folks are trained and equipped to disciple new Christians in their walk with Christ. 

Education Ministry

This ministry oversees the entire education aspect of our church. From Sunday School materials, to AWANA lessons, this ministry covers it all.

Multimedia Ministry

Leader:Tommy Hucks

The Multimedia and Sound Ministry is an important ministry in every Church service. These are the people that take care of the sound, screens, video, lights, and web streaming. They now video each service on DVD and CD, as well as stream each service live through this website. DVD's are $7.00 and CD's are $5.00. They have Power Point Visuals for each service and weekly announcements. You are now able to watch each service live, in the Foyer of Church and Nursery, so volunteers don't miss the sermon. They are always trying to make each service easily available to all.

Music Ministry

Leader: Rev. Cleve Harrison & Michelle Lowery

The Music Ministry is very busy lately at Church. Pastor Jerry Pelfrey just joined our staff in June 2016 as Music & Associate Pastor. Our choir has many musical opportunities available for those who feel led to join with them. (Jubilee, Christmas, Easter and July 4th are special occasions for musical programs). We trust that you will be drawn closer to our Lord as the choir ministers in our worship services.  They want all of their songs to bring glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ.  For further information or if your are interested in joining the choir, please contact Pastor Jerry.

Saints Alive

Leader: Pat Warehime

Saints Alive is the adult senior ministry of Church. This ministry is very active and exciting all throughout the year. The seniors meet once monthly in the Family Life Center, where they have a devotion, play games, have dinner, and fellowship with each other. All during the year the seniors go on trips to many different locations: Gatlinburg, Charlotte, Charleston, and Savannah. They even go on a cruise annually in the Fall. This group also has fun dinners like: an Hawaiian Luau, Valentines Dinner, Christmas Dinner, and many more. They have a great time of fellowship no matter what they do.

Salt & Light Citizenship Ministry

Leader: Chuck Collins

The Salt & Light Ministry is an informational ministry dedicated to updating and educating Christians of frequently changing laws  and pending legislation that will affect our religious and personal freedoms. We will make available specialized training, seminars and informational bulletins to better equip Christians with an understanding of the secular governing process, to empower Christians to become a stronger influence with elected public officials. For more information, visit the Salt & Light Website.

Technology and Social Media Ministry

Leader: Lois Clardy

This ministry ensures that all technological and social media aspects of the church are well-maintained. From maintaining our online presence through social media to the technology seen during services.

Usher & Greeter Ministry

Leader: Mack Hucks

The Usher and Greeter ministry is a very important ministry of the Church. This is a group of men and women who show guests to their seats and hand out bulletins and Church information to guests. This group is very special because they are the first taste of the Church that the guest gets. These are the people who welcome and escort the guests throughout church. They are always very friendly, and will answer any questions that a guest or member may have. There are over five ushers and four greeters every week that do a variety of different things throughout the service and Bible Study hour. There are restrictions to becoming a Greeter or Usher, you must be trained and approved by the head Ushers.   

Wellness Ministry

Leader: Mary Taylor

The folks of the wellness ministry focus on educating the church members of things they can do to maintain healthy, active lives. They are also trained to help in case of a medical emergency during our services. 

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