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Community Outreach Ministries

Evangelism Training & Outreach

Leaders: Dr. Jerry & Mrs. Marge Suhr

Everyone is called to share the good news of Jesus. Are you ready? We will help you know how, and will encourage you to do this great work of sharing the gospel with the lost.

Good News Clubs

Leaders: Lois Clardy & Pam Datlof

What's better than dozens of children wanting you to tell them about Jesus in a public school? You can help in a number of ways at one of our two schools sponsored by GSBC (Forestbrook Elementary School and Ocean Bay Elementary School). The children need Jesus, and they need us to share Him with them. You have the gift we can use.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Leaders:  Kevin Lawson

We seek to make disciples through engaging, equipping and empowering coaches and athletes to know and grow in Christ and lead others to do the same.  Come join us as we serve young athletes at River Oaks Middle School.

Sonshine Ministry

Leaders: Dr. Jerry & Mrs. Marge Suhr

You can help "share the love & light of Jesus" by reaching out to our shut-ins, those in the hospital, or anyone in need of some cheer.

Tract Minstry

Leader: Libby Barnhill, Dave Burkart & Kent Ballard

Can you pass out valuable information? There are gospel tracts to help you in all areas, but they're only helpful if they get into the hands of the lost...YOU can help them get there.

Door Knocking

Leader: Kevin  & Kayla Lawson

We might not all be teachers and preachers, but we should all be so grateful that we have been saved that we want to tell others and explain what God has done for sinners such as us. Whether we’re going door to door, leaving tracts at a restaurant, or engaging in friendship evangelism, we should be sharing the gospel. Jesus commands it, duty demands it and gratitude prompts it.

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