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Children and Youth Ministries



Leaders: Pam Datlof, Christine Hofmann & Julie Quinn

Do you want to help children learn Biblical truths, memorize and recite Scripture, and have fun doing so? Join us on Wednesday nights at 6:30PM, and you can!

Youth Ministry

Leader:  Kent & Wendy Shelley, Issac Chestnut

Do you remember when you were a teen? You have been in their shoes. Imagine being a teen in today's world. One thing teens need is someone like you with a Biblical perspective and experience to help guide them through. 

Children's Church (Truth Chasers)

Leader: Dustin & Leslie Ventura

Would you like to serve once a month to help young minds discover truth from God's word? You may be gifted to teach or help organize weekly ministry so that it is ready each week.

Nursery Ministry

Leader: Laura Stevens

Children's ministry begins here!  Too often, this ministry is looked upon as a "babysitting service", but our nursery has specific goals: that every child in our care is loved, cared for physically, kept safe and will be taught that Jesus loves them.

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